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Sustainable clean fragrance by Brume Orpin

Green fragrances for a healthy future: Brume Orpin, a committed and innovative brand!

Perfume, a true symbol of luxury and elegance, has been considered an art transcending cultures and eras for centuries. However, hidden behind the intoxicating fragrances lies a concerning reality: the composition of perfumes, including allergenic and synthetic petrochemical ingredients that pose risks to our health and the environment. Surprisingly, there have been few studies on this subject, and only a handful of people ponder the substances they apply to their skin when using perfume, despite it being a part of their daily luxury routine.

With this in mind, at Brume Orpin, we have completely rethought the way we design fragrances to safeguard both our health and the environment. Conventional perfumes often contain mixtures of synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals or natural elements that can be equally harmful, some of which are sourced from distant corners of the earth. These ingredients can trigger allergic reactions, affecting nearly 3% of the population. Furthermore, certain chemical compounds have been linked to medium- and long-term adverse health effects, including irritation, headaches, and endocrine disruptions, with probable carcinogenic effects of specific ingredients. Therefore, it is vital to consider the impact of these substances throughout the entire formulation process.

Moreover, perfume production can leave a significant ecological footprint. From cultivating raw materials to delivering the final bottles, each stage of the process carries social and environmental implications. As a result, the perfume industry must commit to sustainability and minimize its overall impact, and this is where the strength of our innovation lies.

In response to this situation, we felt it was imperative for a fragrance brand to emerge and revolutionize the industry with a stead fast dedication to creating perfumes that are more virtuous for both the body, our health, and the planet. For over 3 years, Tiphaine Cogez, our creator, has been diligently working to reinvent perfume, aiming to pass on her passion for this ancestral art to future generations while reducing its impact from field to bottle!

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