The nice rendezvous of Brume Orpin # 1 Antonin Anzil

Paper sculptor artist, graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2012, Antonin Anzil takes us on a journey through delicate and poetic landscapes.

Its monochrome decors have in common with the world of Brume Orpin, the minimalism and the attention to details that make the difference. These works with such a singular touch, close to lace, are similar to modern tapestries with which we would adorn our entire interior. It is for this finesse and his natural elegance that we are talking about perfume with Antonin today. What if his work found with us a new form of expression, the one of scent?

The imagination that your work requires invites to travel. What is your reading of your about your artworks? Reading my work needs to remain very free. It is for this very reason that for a long time many of my pieces were untitled. If they do have a name now, it remains as open as possible even a little abstract. I like the idea that everyone can project themselves into the motif and see what they want in it by letting their imagination wander. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small. A landscape seen from the sky, a microscopic biotop or even a pure abstraction.

How do you find inspiration for your new series? My inspiration is multiple and very plural, it comes most often while working: a shape, a pattern, a movement lead me to a new idea. Everything can be a potential source of inspiration, organic forms of nature of course, but also design, craftsmanship or contemporary architecture. What time of day do you create the most and why? I really don't have any rules on this, are we allowed to skip this question? We are talking about Perfume, what could it bring to your universe? I really like the idea of ​​associating an olfactory story with my work. Even more than the visual, the perfume multiplies the imagination tenfold. He touches us without restraint. He has this strength, in a second, to make us travel to a place, to a memory. Lately, I made my own natural dyes to obtain colored papers, especially with spices and plants. This is a first olfactory dimension, but with the paper I use for my bas-reliefs, the Arches vellum, very similar to the paper for perfume touches, it is possible to envisage the impregnation of more complex compositions. Are you ready to think about it? Share with us your best perfumed memory. My best perfumed memories are I believe, all linked to the places that are dear to me. A house and a garden in the countryside, my family home by the sea. Theses smells are their identity to me. Discover his work: @antonin_anzil

Photo credits ©Nathalie Baetens ©Antonin Anzil

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