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After a brilliant course, she graduated from ESAG Penninghen in Paris and then attended another course of Photography at the Gobelins. Unstoppable, Anne-Charlotte is a perfectionist in everything she does and makes sure to deliver the best that she can.

Passionate contemporary dancer since childhood, she flexibly invents canvas in which we would like to immerse ourselves to feel out of time. As an ultra-gifted photographer and director, she enjoys being surrounded by talented people, to grow together. Curious about everything that surrounds her, she draws through her creations a unique universe where every detail can take a central place. These objects then become the protagonists of this "Storyteller" with a vivid and poetic imagination. Anne-Charlotte speaks with images when Brume Orpin speaks perfume and it is this interesting parallel that we wanted to share with you today as she redesigned with talent, our global graphic chart lately.

What is your craziest creative desire right now? I'm in the middle of writing the sequel of my first short film Early Bird. I took advantage of this floating time, especially in my field of activity (filming and shooting mode), to start the script and embark on other photo projects I had put on standby due to a formerly busy schedule.

Can you share with us an ideal "creation day" (editorial, new series, movie writing...)? There are two ideal typical days: - the day of creative enlightenment where the idea takes shape after an infinite time of research or reflections without tail or head... We know that this day existed when we go to bed motivated and awake after a long night sleep ... There are few these days but their "occurrence" is a little miracle. I could not therefore describe them but in my ideal, the weather would be nice and warm, I would be in good shape and in aligned with elements... - the other typical day is the day of filming or shooting, it is the day of reuniting with my team that I love to work with. It's like back to school when the excitement of telling each other very quickly about our two months vacation made us hysterical ... We are motivated and feel so alive.

Tell us about your senses. Do you think that some have more impact on memory than others? In my case, sight is obviously my flagship sense. This is not a professional misrepresentation. On the contrary, I came to the image because it is the sense that I use the most. But I'm also very sensitive to smells and to listening. My taste is not outdone, however I must admit that I often think of him after the other three... well... except when I taste "Ispahan" at Pierre Hermé (a rose and lychee macaron)!

Often, your photo-paintings inspire us with a scent. Conversely, how would you compose an image that talks about perfume? I think I would do it by talking about the past and the nostalgia that accompanies the smells of our lives ... My mother wore L'Heure Bleue of Guerlain when I was a child, for me, an image of the open bottle in our white bathroom bathed with light reminds me of this smell. I can easily imagine it is the same for a field of lavender for most french people. You have to have already smelled the scent to revive it into yourself. And if it speaks to me, it will surely speak to someone who sees my images. Human beings have a universal vocabulary at disposal.

Share with us your best scented memory. For some inexplicable reason, I am naturally drawn to the scents of Neroli (orange blossom), citrus, bergamot, cedar or citron when choosing a scent. For example, I like Néroli Portofino by Tom Ford, Taormina by Aqua Di Parma or Pampelune by Guerlain. Find out why! It seems that I smelled all these smells during the time of my conception because I never found these smells so much before my first trips to the Mediterranean, region where I come from... Here is an incredible memory because it is the only sense that binds me to it.

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Portrait ACM: Elodie Daguin l Couple: @Paulette magazine l Fille au Chapeau: MorningSun, Prix Picto avec @solange.frejean l Epices: Reportage en Guadeloupe, photographie argentique 2007 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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