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Time to question perfume

"Perfume is a central element of modern society. It plays an important role in everyday life, whether for aesthetic reasons, to feel good about oneself or to attract the attention of others. However, as a perfume creator, I took time to question the impact of fragrance on our health, on the environment and on our perception of beauty.

Through Brume Orpin, it took me 3 years of questioning and commitment, to push back the boundaries of my way of working as a perfume designer.

First of all, it's essential to ask whether these fragrances are really beneficial to our health. Many of the ingredients used in their composition contain potentially dangerous chemical substances. Some ingredients can cause serious allergies, and may even be endocrine disruptors or carcinogens.

Despite the emergence of a more "natural" trend in perfumery, the issue of respect for our health remains, since it is the natural ingredients that are very often the cause of fragrance-related allergies in particular. It's also important to consider the environmental impact of fragrances. Did you know that only one bottle in 10 is well recycled? And that many of the components used in their manufacture are extracted and transformed unsustainably and that synthetic ingredients are derived from petrochemicals? What's more, the often excessive and non-recyclable packaging of perfumes adds further pressure on our already fragile environment.

That's why it's essential to choose fragrance brands that are committed to the respect of our health and of the environment. Turn to more sustainable, nature-friendly alternatives becomes essential.

Furthermore, the role of perfume in our society is often associated with the idea of beauty and attraction. I like to think that my creations reveal a facet of our personality to express its profound nature. Far from advertising with its fantasized images, I've been dreaming for years of original fragrances that reveal us in a wake. I like the idea that the choice of our perfume, like an act of self-assertion, underlines our own self-esteem. We need to ask ourselves what role perfume plays in our daily lives if we are to feel good about ourselves. True beauty lies first and foremost in our self-confidence and self-acceptance, which is why we need to use products that make sense for our health and our planet.

Passionate about the impact that perfume can have on our lives, I'll be talking to you about acts that deeply inspire me, dealing with rethinking fragrances and respect for biodiversity."

Tiphaine Cogez


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