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ACT II - How to make your hotel brand BECOME an experience?

More than ever, mores are changing, desires too and hoteliers are adapting brilliantly to deal with new ways of consuming tourism. Hotels are reinventing themselves to offer their customers more flexibility and are expanding their menus to deliver more and more services. Here after is the 2nd article of our serie "how to make your hotel brand, become an experience"...

Act II - Magnify your offer

Thinking hotels as places of immersion, heritage or know-how enhancement invistes you to review all stages of the customer journey to magnify its contours and sublimate your brand DNA.

A bespoke fragrance creation magnifies your "story telling". In the most subtle way, it takes your guests to a new, memorable and unforgettable dimension. The composition palette being limitless, a bespoke perfume creation perfectly illustrates and dresses the spaces. This olfactory identity, once in place, allows many products variations for additional sales that make a deep impression on guests. Scented gifts in the room are also very rewarding.

The integration of pieces of art in the rooms or common areas allows artists to develop their notoriety and customers to question themselves and sharpen their eye. Digital art also brings a new form of content*. Creating a meeting between art and the guests promotes artistic creation and democratizes access to art. These artistic experiences make you place unforgettable and brings it to the next level!

Turning the different areas of the hotel into destinations in their own right by attracting an audience outside the hotel is a great way to promote and directly impacts the price of the rooms. Thus the bar can become a trendy place where you have to arrive first to find a place or book in advance. Offering exceptional experiences that take customers out of their daily lives is definitely a winning bet!

Coming very soon @Brume Orpin : Act 3 / Expand your offer with new experiences


A big thank you to the InterContinental Lyon - Hotel Dieu for the shooting set & to entrust us for their olfactory signature creation

* Discover ArtPoint



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