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ACT III - How to make your hotel brand BECOME an experience?

More than ever, mores are changing, desires too and hoteliers are adapting brilliantly to deal with new ways of consuming tourism. Hotels are reinventing themselves to offer their customers more flexibility and are expanding their menus to deliver more and more services. Here after is the 2nd article of our serie "how to make your hotel brand, become an experience"...

Act III - Expand your offer with new experiences / Focus en well-being & hygiene

Post-pandemic, hygiene is a key factor in customer reassurance. It is essential that the household "feels", that "fresh touches" take place during the day and that the hydro-alcoholic gel offered is delicately scented. Assuring its customers of a particular attention on the cleaning is more than ever, very important. Displaying an offer that invites disconnection or proposing activities that stimulate well-being or personal development is on the rise. As long as it is offered in an idyllic setting, membership is total. It is therefore necessary to create places with a decoration strongly inspired by nature, to choose a responsible and effective range of care and then to bet on perfumes that invite you to travel for the soul...

In our creative process, we notice that the demand is stronger for notes that smell "clean". The advantage is that cleanliness for our teams is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It is important to remember that depending on the destination, the idea of ​​what is a clean fragrance is not the same. Moreover, since we only work on olfactory signatures which are very different by essence, the idea of ​​"clean" post-pandemic takes on very different shades depending on the project. For example, we can remember that the Middle East countries will appreciate a more powerful clean perfume twisted with orange blossom, when the United States sticks to Musks & citrusy notes while France prefers musky, citrusy & aromatic accords (lavender).

Each interpretation therefore reveals a particular story that will stick to the DNA of the place and will magnify the customer experience in a subtle way.


A big thank you to the InterContinental Lyon - Hotel Dieu for the shooting set & to entrust us for their olfactory signature creation Absolument Soie.



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