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Behind the scene of Brume Orpin - "In the garden, awakening the senses"

"As a perfume creator, spring awakens olfactory emotions in me that inspire me deeply.

It is the right time to evoke the need to use the most beautiful ingredients in perfumery. The return of spring awakens my eyes first with inviting colors everywhere in the garden and then with the rediscovery of flowers. They remain the stars of the season and offer us their precious scents.

In the art of perfume composition, each flower is an olfactory treasure that must be cherished and respected. Roses, symbols of romance and love, deliver sweet, sometimes fruity or spicy notes, always intoxicating. Jasmines, with their often animalic fragrance, bring character and opulence to our compositions. Orange blossoms diffuse a comforting and sunny freshness. Seringa and lily of the valley, though they are not natural ingredients in perfumery, remain a source of inspiration. Seringa offers a sunny, green scent, while lily of the valley has a round, clean, spring-like freshness.

France, the cradle of perfumery, holds a predominant place in this ancestral art and I am keen to highlight it, to reveal it.

Its fields of fragrant flowers, its gardens with intoxicating scents, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. In Grasses, in the Drôme region, as in the heart of Provence, are hidden the secrets and the precious know-how that give birth to true olfactory masterpieces.

Respecting the art of perfume composition means respecting an entire value chain. From the precious industrial know-how to the distillers who work with passion and devotion to capture the very essence of nature. Each composition is an olfactory symphony, a harmony between the raw materials that compose it. Flowers, seeds, herbs, spices, precious woods... each ingredient is carefully selected to bring its unique touch and sublimate the whole.

Committed to making our senses speak, I am convinced that each of us can act at our own level to give meaning to the garden. By planting fragrant flowers, you encourage the return of pollinators and thus preserve the balance of your garden. Let's explore the scents of Spring!

For Brume Orpin, I create fragrances that illustrate stories and transport our imagination to distant lands.

Perfume, much more than the awakening of a sense, is an invitation to an intimate journey. It is the most subtle artistic expression that reveals our aura or dresses our interior. So, let's embrace the magic of Spring and let ourselves be enchanted by the delicate scents of the flowers that surround us while waiting for new fragrant expressions!"




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