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créateur parfum - inspiration couleurs

Behind the scene at Brume Orpin, colors are an infinite source of inspiration for creating unique fragrances. They reveal themselves like a color chart, where each hue evokes an emotion, an olfactory sensation. Like a designer who handles shapes and textures, our creator, Tiphaine Cogez Cousseau, harmonizes colors to compose works that are sometimes marine, sometimes aromatic, sometimes solar...

For Tiphaine Cogez Cousseau, creator of Brume Orpin: "Celestial blues evoke airy notes, while deep blue transport me to Argentina. Whether warm or cold, summer or winter blues inspire saline, crystalline or deep accords. As for greens, they reveal an infinite palette of nuances: soft, crisp, dry, mineral or vegetal... They remind me of the intoxicating fragrance of tomato leaves, the freshness of a fennel leaf, my grandmother's herbarium notebooks, the delicacy of seringa, the beauty of a fern or the black, iodized aspect of fucus, the seaweed that populates the Nordic coasts of my childhood.

Although it may not seem obvious to link scents to colors, for me they remain one of the strongest inspirations during the ideation phase. For me, colors act as a bridge between the eye and the nose, linking visual and olfactory sensations. They guide my imagination to illustrate fantasized landscapes in fragrance."

As perfume designers, our palette is enriched by this colorful influence. Colors inspire us to create fragrances that resonate with our artistic sense. They influence the combinations of ingredients and accords we create with passion. In this way, we bring to life fragrances that evoke shimmering landscapes, intense emotions or precious moments. The decoration of each place and the codes of each brand become an inexhaustible source of fragrant expression and olfactory nuance.

In our quest for fragrant harmony, colors become our palette by association. Each ingredient plays the role of a nuance. In this way, colors guide our search for balance and coherence between olfactory notes. Just as a designer composes with colors, we marry ingredients with finesse, creating unique olfactory illustrations.

Beyond their inspirational role, colors also have a powerful impact on how we perceive a fragrance. Communication and packaging materials will influence our perception. In this way, a fragrance in bright hues evokes an explosion of gaiety, while a composition in soft, pastel shades invites reverie and serenity. Colors create a more complete sensory experience, intensifying our olfactory experience.

So, in the world of perfumery, colors are much more than mere aesthetics. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a key to unlocking the doors of the imagination. Through colors, perfume designers create unique olfactory signatures, where the senses blend harmoniously. So let us be guided by this colorful harmony and explore together the infinite horizons of fragrance.



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