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ACT I - How to make your hotel brand an experience?

More than ever, mores are changing, desires too and hoteliers are adapting brilliantly to deal with new ways of consuming tourism. Hotels are reinventing themselves to offer their customers more flexibility and are expanding their menus to deliver more and more services. We wanted here to decrypt how hotel brands reniew themselves thanks to an immersive experience… In this serie of articles we are going to explore how hospitality magnifiers, as we are, can reinforce hotel brands' DNA.

Act I – New architecture

Defining spaces for every moment of the day and adjust your lighing solution accordingly. No more dull and lifeless restaurants and common areas, the hotel is inventing itself around real living spaces for all moments of the day. Through an increasingly inspiring decoration, each space finds a new utility. Breakfast rooms are more and more often open or facing the terrasse as an invitation to meditative contemplation. These spaces become accessible throughout the day with a catering offer inspired by coffee shops or a “homebaked” offer.

The secret of a hotel's success is to place the feeling of being at home at the heart of its customers' journey. The experience becomes exceptional when the “home” comfort is enhanced by services that mark visitors (speakeasy, open kitchen, monumental library, entertainment rooms for families, spa, adventure activities, catering at all hours).

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